Self Propelled Extractor – Heavy Type

self propelled heavy type

Self Propelled Extractor – Heavy Type

Kidextractor has designed and built a new self propelled bundle extractor suitable especially for offshore platform plants. Thanks to its hydraulic power pack unit, the self propelled bundle extractor is able to pull and push bundles of up to 25 tonnes, 8,000mm of length (26.3 feet) and 3.5 meters of maximum height (16.5 feet). It is also remotely controlled by the use of joysticks with all wheels able to turn up to 180° and drive in both directions like a toy for children. In addition, the weight of the self propelled bundle extractor is only 13 tonnes and its engine has been specifically modified for hazardous areas. Its hydraulic air controlled joysticks make it perfect for the use in platform offshore plants.

The Heavy Type self propelled bundle extractor is renowned in the field of industrial maintenance equipment. This self propelled bundle extractor brings together all the features of the truck mounted bundle extractor and of the trailer lift bundle extractor into one essential machine. Try one of our models and this self propelled bundle extractor will become your trusted hydraulic tube bundle extractor!

Technical Data

Max Bundle Length8000 mm
Max Working Height7000 mm
Min Working Height610 mm
Max Bundle Diameter2000 mm
Max Bundle Weight min ht / mx ht40 / 25 tons
Max Winch Pulling Force62 tons