About us – Industrial maintenance equipment

industrial maintenance equipment


Kidextractor first started in Malta in 1997, but soon became leader in the particular field of industrial maintenance equipment for the extraction and trasportation of heat exchangers in oil refineries and chemical plants.

By the early of ‘99, the company was already represented all around the five continents and specially in such countries as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, France and England where its active distributors serve customers regularly.

Besides expanding the sales team, another key measure was taken to improve and greatly strengthen our service team. Additional experienced technicians have been recruited, and the whole service team has underwent further intensive training to improve their skills, and to expand regularly this department.

With the efforts put in the last 2-3 years, Kidextractor expect to improve its leading market position by the increasing large selections of model machines. This large selection has not come at the expense of quality. Many customers buy new products from Kidextractor on the basis of our serious and professional reputation to stand behind every product it sells!

Company goal

Kidextractor, being specialized in industrial maintenance, aims to provide the best solutions to all those professionals who need fast and reliable machines for their needs. That’s why we are always at the forefront of technology and we continue our research with the best specialists in the world.