Kidextractor, present for over 20 in the petrochemical and heat exchangers cleaning sector, offers a range of Aerial Bundle Extractor to be used with the aid of a crane, with capacities ranging from 6t to 100t.

We also supply autonomous bundle extractors, so without the use of a crane, which are installed directly on a truck mounted with a capacity of up to 25t, that of completely autonomous machines, the self-propelled, with a variable capacity.

Therefore, Kidextractor builds machines suitable for every need both in terms of capacity and operation within areas with limited maneuvering spaces.

Our air tube bundle extractors can be controlled remotely via a remote control, which can be wireless upon request.

In choosing the Aerial Bundle Extractor, it is possible to choose the type of motorization,  Diesel, Electric or Air, suitable for working safely even in dangerous work areas.